I am seriously pissed off seeing dicks driving on the roads using phones, tablets, reading maps or otherwise driving like a dick!  They must think the rules do apply to them or that they are such a fantastic driver that they are capable of driving without looking where they are going.  I think the problem is that they disillusioned and therefore less capable (physically and mentally) as they have an irrational belief that they are better than everyone else.

I have children and dicks like these are likely to kill a child because they don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

I routinely drive from Ormskirk to Southport and virtually every trip I spot a few dicks driving when on phones or reading stuff which bugs me so much that I have setup a fixed high quality video camera in my car, recording the oncoming traffic.  If you are spotted being a dick when driving, you WILL be shamed.

I am not going to report it to the Police because, quite frankly I they are unlikely to do anything so I will publish enough information to identify you so if the law wants to, they can nail you for being a DICK!

And before you challenge the photos, claiming they are photo-shopped…., I have full supporting CCTV , these are just a few stills.

If you want to submit you own photos of dick driving, drop me an email via the Removal Instructions page.

I am not interested in things like not wearing seatbelts, only things that put other road users or pedestrians at serious risk.  I will only publish photos that contains the evidence and nothing with signs of tampering.  Anything you send will be your responsibility.

Remember, if you use a phone while you are driving, you are a DICK!